Devudu Chesina Manashulu review

Ravi Teja must be in a huge quandary right now. Once acclaimed as a minimum guarantee hero, he is craving for a minimum guarantee movie now. With Mirpakaya it seemed as if he had reached a level of stardom. Pity then, it has been all downhill after the hit of Mirpakaya

The movie in question, Devudu Chesina Manushulu, has nothing to satiate an average viewer. Nothing at all. For a Ravi Teja fan like me, it is a different matter altogether. I can watch the crappiest of films that he has a role in and not complain. So looking for complaints from me on this movie would be futile.

*This is a rant, you can progress to the next Para and wouldn’t have missed anything*

In December 2008, Neninthe released and was blasted back from the screens because it criticised certain sections of media crudely. There wasn’t a single review that had good words for the movie. Today, as I couldn’t see the movie FDFS, I did check in to find a few reviews. I wasn’t surprised by what Deepa Garimella of wrote, as her writing has certain fluidity about it and she was blatant in thrashing the movie. Yes, I read her reviews, but that doesn’t have a bearing on whether I will watch the movie. I normally check in to read her reviews, only to find if our views match. She is my favourite writer on Telugu films after all. What put me off was a tweet by a reviewer from a site that does live updates for every Telugu and Hindi movie. Sir, your writing is such that you write Telugu in English. That’s the best I can summon up the words for your reviews. So you complaining about clarity of thought etc is not done: at least not as a critic. Well once I came out of the screen, a lot of people’s opinion was what I read on twitter earlier. The worst of all, people who loved Businessman when it released were unequivocal about their hatred for the same movie now

*End of Rant*

Puri Jagannadh, much like his mentor did in Dongala Mutha, made this movie without a basic plot. It entertains to a certain level but doesn’t ask too much of involvement from the audience. You call it negligence or complacence is upto you. A part of me has started expecting a lot less from him after that disaster called Nenu Naa Rakshasi.

Ravi Teja needs a hit, and fast. He is going downhill way too fast. I remember him saying in an interview that he wants the movie to make money. Critical appreciation, to him is secondary. Well with movies like Dongala Mutha, Veera, Nippu, Daruvu failing to make money, he should fall back on movies that will satisfy the actor in him. That 3 minute turn in a negative role as the Home minister is a pointer to the boundless talent that he has. Unfortunately, the line-up of his movies suggest no deviation from the type.

Illeana had the perfect dubbing and it resulted in one of her best performances. Nothing earth shattering, considering she doesn’t have much to show in her repertoire

Prakash Raj, Subba Raju, Brahmanandam, and Ali are all pointers to the talent at hand for Puri and how he went about wasting it. A lot of scenes in the movie are good as stand-alone scenes, but when it comes to blending them in the narrative, it doesn’t quite gel

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Australia Under-19s V England Under-19s

Till lunch the match seemed evenly poised. The introduction of the captain, AJ Ball, into the attack eased the pressure on the Australian batsmen. The pull shot by Head off Ball had resounding effect. Twice, Australia tried to mount a counter-attack and both the times the batsman trying to do it was dismissed. Jamie Overton, exchanged a few words with Patterson after being swatted for a boundary and delivered the perfect riposte- an away swinger pitching just outside the off stump. That was the last wicket that England got. Australia got away on account of a tactical blunder by England. England did not bowl Jamie Overton immediately after lunch, thus allowing Bosisto to secure up one end.

In the morning session, both Paris and Steketee got their first wickets with deceptive inswingers. While Paris foxed Drummond with a fuller delivery, Steketee disturbed the woodwork as Foakes left it alone thinking it would swing away. Sandhu offered no respite with his height. He bowled short pitched deliveries that troubled Kapil a lot. As impressive as his bowling was the fielding at fine-leg. He pulled off a couple of brilliant saves. England never had a partnership going. They made an attempt at it twice, only to be set back by wickets.

Turner’s spell was crucial as England seemed comfortable with the leg spinners of Cassell. His arm-ball was a treat to watch today. His dismissal of Wood would have made the best practitioners of the art nod in approval. This was the basic difference today between the teams- the approach. Once Australia got the wicket of Kapil, they wanted to finish the innings off. Bosisto didn’t hold back his best bowlers. He might have given a thought to the fact there were seven overs of Casell left but he wanted to dismiss the remaining batsmen.

Craig Overton was the only batsman who offered some resistance. His innings was marked by his stubborn refusal to get onto the backfoot. Almost all of the 81 deliveries were faced with frontfoot plonked hard. He played an innings similar to Bosisto in terms of strike rate but not in terms of the effect it had on the opposition. Where Overton concentrated on keeping his wicket from falling, Bosisto concentrated on rotating the strike. The fact that Bosisto didn’t get his first boundary till he reached 26 is a pointer to his ability to rotate the strike.

Bowlers from both the sides looked very good, good enough to knock on the selector’s doors in the coming years. Topley, Jamie Overton, Paris, Steketee, and Sandhu all impressed in their own way. Topley’s dismissal of Peirson is something that will be remembered for a long time to come. It was a Yorker that Peirson played all over and had the middle stump broken into two. Australian bowlers, in particular seem confident about displaying their wares. The confidence would’ve stemmed from the fact that Cummins was selected to represent the national team. McDermott is making his presence felt in the junior team too. The opening bowlers bowled the fuller length, the length that Pattinson, Siddle, and Hilfenhaus perfected last summer.

With their next match scheduled against Nepal, Australia would want to improve their batting. England, on the backfoot would want everything to come together for them, including winning the toss.

Julayi movie review

There are directors who know the mass pulse and can set the cash registers ringing. There are directors who can make the best of wooden faces act. There are directors who feel that it’s their job to make movies and make it the way they like it, regardless of the mass sensibilities. There are directors who mould their working style to the strengths of the actor, thereby bringing the latent talents to the fore. Trivikram Srinivas belongs to the last class of the directors

Allu Arjun, for most of us, is known as an actor whose strength doesn’t lie in reciting pages of dialogues. It still isn’t. Trivikram comes into the picture here, as he doesn’t expose this particular weakness by giving him short dialogues and crispy one’s at that.

Trivikram’s movies have all got similar ingredients- dialogues, romantic track of the hero with a weak female protagonist and a patriarchal character. From Jalsa on, he has had one more thing added to the list- comical performances by the protagonists. All these factors never give way to attrition for us as Trivikram has made it a habit to intersperse all these with beautiful dialogues. A pointer to the above mentioned is Brahmanandam’s role in the movie. Though short in screen time, he has two scenes that he can easily add to the archives of his best scenes- one where he talks about the writer’s block and the other being his scene with Hema and Dharmavarapu Subramanyam.

From Khaleja on, his movies have entirely depended on the protagonist. This movie too, is driven by Allu Arjun’s character. Sonu Sood excels as the intense antagonist, only for his part’s characterisation to go up in the climax. Illeana has nothing to do in the film, apart from appearing a few songs.

The director sets up the movie very early in the first half. It is a clash between the protagonist and the antagonist. Trivikram had revealed in an interview that he is a book-worm. A case for psychology analysis can be done for a few scenes in the movie. Watch out for those scenes where the thought process of both the actors proceeds along the same line. This is repeated by Tanikella Bharani towards the end of the movie when he admonishes his son. He reiterates that there is nothing different between his son and the villain. Just that the villain thinks in crores and his son thinks in lakhs.

Dialogues, as usual, are the backbone of this film too. There are a lot of dialogues that stand out, but the best of them are:

Allu Arjun: Mana desam lo logic kante magic paine nammakkam ekkuvva… andukke scientist la kante mana desam lo babalu famous ayyipoyyaru

Dharmavarapu: Veediki nenu koduku la vunna … veedu pelli koduku enti

Allu Arjun has performed well in a role that requires him to be comical, confident, violent and romantic. His dances still remain his best USP. Comparisons with Mahesh Babu, from Khaleja, are bound to arise but he has done well keeping his limitations in mind. His chemistry with Rajendra Prasad is much better than that with Illeana. His imitation of  few actors in couple of songs is hilarious

Illeana has nothing to do in a role that asks her to appear sparingly. Accordingly, she doesn’t look at her best in the movie. Her poorly sketched character is perhaps the biggest flaw of the movie. One or two more movies of the same, and she can kiss her fading career in the Telugu film industry a good bye

Sonu Sood has the second best role of the movie. He excels in the role till it is botched up in the climax. He has to take care of not being repetitive in the antagonist roles.

Rajendra Prasad has a good role and does good justice to it. Kota Srinivas Rao, Rao Ramesh, Tanikella Bharani are, as usual, excellent in the roles given to them

There is one flaw that still seems to haunt Trivikram- ending his films. He has a similar problem with this movie too. If not for that, there is nothing much to complain about the movie

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